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Gutter Repair

Comprehensive Gutter Repair

If you’re like many residents, busy days and nights never seem to cease. There is something on the to-do list, so it seems, around the clock. With so much already on your mind, forgetting some of the most important aspects of home maintenance can happen. Yet, it’s vital that you take care of your home.
Without proper maintenance, expect damage and expensive repairs.

The gutters on your home are prone to damage. They’re in the weather elements despite what Mother Nature brings. Damage can happen very quickly if gutters aren’t properly maintained. Hence occasional gutter repair service is necessary.

We're Top Rated Gutter Repair Service Provider

Honesty is always the best policy. Some companies eagerly up-sell every item on their product list, unconcerned with their customer's wants. This is yet another concern we put out of your mind. S.A Rain Gutter is working for your needs, and providing you with the local gutter repair services that you want is our top concern. Honest service and no gimmicks are our promises to you. We'll tell you exactly what it takes to repair the gutters and provide the services that you want; nothing more, nothing less

Put the costs of gutter repair out of your mind. We understand that money is tight and believe that home maintenance should be affordable to every budget. We offer competitive rates and honest service, giving you one less worry. Request your free quote and discover firsthand why so many Southern California homeowners trust us for their gutter repair needs. We’re proud of our low-cost gutter repair service and think you’ll be happy with our numbers when you work with us!

No repair is too small or too large for our talented gutter technicians. We can repair corrosion and broken spouts as easily as we can repair small pinholes caused by pine needles. Every job receives the same attentive work as the net. Your home is your most valuable asset. Don’t ignore your gutters any longer! For a free estimate to have your roof gutter repair, give us a call and give your home and gutter system the attention it needs.

Signs that suggest it’s time to call us to schedule Gutter Repair Services:

  • Split or broken seams.

  • Cracks or holes.

  • Leaking downspout drops.

  • Broken downspout elbows.

  • Loose gutters-pulling away from house

  • Misgraded gutters.

  • Lack of downspout for the length of gutter involved.

Some of these are quite simple repairs while others can be very difficult

Most common gutter repairs you may see at your home:

Loose gutters: When gutters are loose, or their slope is incorrect, water and debris can pool in your gutters, causing leaks. Traditionally, to secure gutters, spikes and ferrules were used. But over time, they may become loose, which leads to loose gutters. We hammer loose spikes or even a better option- we replace loose spikes with specialized gutter screws as a part of our gutter cleaning service. If you see light between the gutter and fascia board, then that is a detached gutter. We also reattach a detached gutter as a repair service.

Detached gutters: Gutters can detach from the fascia board. This can be a sagging gutter, a gap showing daylight, or the gutter may come completely off your house. Many times the gutter can be put back in its place. Bent or deformed gutters would likely need a replacement. Our gutter technicians will do your gutter and siding repair and get your gutters flowing properly again.

Detached/Loose Downspouts: This may happen due to a variety of reasons. When we fit them back up, we make sure that they are straight, strapped down, and properly fit together, then plumbed into your drain system. If downspouts are damaged, we can replace them. We can also add leaf traps.

Leaking Joints and Seams: Leaks in the joints and seams can often be fixed with the application of professional-grade gutter sealant. We apply professional-grade sealant after thoroughly cleaning and drying the area so that the sealant adheres properly.

End-Cap Leaks: End caps are the caps that go on the end of a gutter run to keep the water from running out the end. They can become loose over time or even fall out altogether. In steel gutters, this is an area of early failure. We use professional-grade gutter sealant to repair or replace leaking end caps.

Gutter repair services we provide:

Holes in gutter: Small holes can sometimes be filled with quality gutter sealant and flashing. But if that hole is rusted, that means the system’s structural integrity is wearing down. A patchwork may work for a while, but you will need a budget for gutter system replacement in the near future. The rusted sections can be cut out and replaced, but you will no longer have a continuous gutter.

Re-Sloping gutters: Re-sloping may be warranted if there is a structural issue causing the gutter to overflow. The roofline limits the degree to which the gutter can be sloped. Adding another downspout is the best solution in some cases. If there are steel gutters, then standing water may promote rust, so the slope is of greater concern in that case.

Optimizing System flow: if your gutters often overflow, even after routine cleaning, then we can help you increase the flow capacity of your gutter system by installing larger outlets/downspouts.

Downspout Add-Ons: A helpful upgrade to gutter systems is installing leaf traps at the bottom of the downspouts to protect the drain system from clogging. Debris going down the downspout catches on the screen and can be cleaned without even getting on a ladder, which makes it much easier and safer for you.

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