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Seamless Rain Gutter by SA Rain Gutter

Our Gutter Systems Are Built On-Site & Custom Fitted To Your Home or Business 

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Rain Gutter Services

A well-designed and correctly installed gutter system is essential to ensuring proper roof drainage and protecting your home from water damage.  We do seamless gutter installation and leaf gutter guard protection systems for residential homeowners.  We are a Gutter Repair & Replacement Contractor.

Our Gutter Contractor Services Include:

  • Seamless Gutter Installation

  • Leaf Guard Installation

  • Gutter Guard Cover

  • Rain Gutter Cleaning

  • Gutter Maintenance and Repairs

  • Copper Gutter Installation

  • Rain Guttering System

  • Residential Gutter Installation

  • Commercial Gutter Installation

  • Rain Barrel System


S.A Rain Gutters has been a seamless gutter expert for  21 years. We know how to help you choose just the right color, size and style of aluminum gutters for your home. We have many colors and styles of guttering that you to choose from. Our quality gutters make your home look distinguished and well maintained.

Leaf Gutter Guard Mesh
Seamless Rain Gutter Installation

Solar Energy Services

We provide the thoughtful design and safe, dependable installation of distributed solar energy systems, including solar PV, energy storage systems & solar maintenance . We provide expertise and effective ongoing system support, focused on maximizing the value of the solar energy assets of our customers and clients. Our Services Include:

  • Solar Panel System Installation

  • Solar Panel Bird Proofing

  • Solar Panel Cleaning

  • Solar Maintenance 

  • Financing Available


S.A has been helping many homeowners for many years. We have now gone Solar, we are focusing on renewable energy to help homeowners save.

One of the most tangible and substantial reasons to go solar is the reduction of energy costs. The electricity a solar system produces offsets your electrical usage, significantly reducing or in some cases even eliminating your electric bill so you can spend money elsewhere, or save the difference. 

Cleaned solar panel & birdproofing
solar Installation
About Us
copper gutter installation
professional gutter install

We take pride in providing the best quality gutter and downspout services at an “affordable” price. We provide 5 & 6 inch K-Style gutters & 6 inch Half round gutters.

If you need new gutters because your old ones are loose, leaking, clogging all the time and overflowing you’ve come to the right place. We do seamless gutters and downspouts, gutter repair and cleaning. We have provided Orange County, Inland Empire and Los Angeles area residents unsurpassed home improvement services with quality and 100% client satisfaction as our top priority. Whether you need gutters for your home, apartment complex, commercial and Industrial property or business call us today.


Our commitment to excellence means we stand behind every job we do. From the moment you contact S.A Rain Gutters, you can count on us to provide friendly, professional service for all your gutter needs.

Our family owned business has been operating since 2001. We have built long-lasting relationships with the leading gutter and gutter system providers. We operate independently of any brand name, allowing us to offer the widest variety of styles, colors and materials. Our reputation for being one of the leading suppliers of gutter products and installations in Southern California allows us to get the lowest prices on brand name products. We want to pass these savings on to you.

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

Solar Energy

You can spend a lot of time looking through websites and calling up solar companies in Southern California. And it’s important you select the very best solar company for your unique situation. Not all houses are created equally, not all sunshine is the same. You need honest experts who are going to be able to tell you just how effective solar panels would be for you, where you need them, and if you should take that step.

S.A Rain Gutter & Solar’s experts can quickly assess your situation and connect you with the very best solar deals for you personally. Take advantage of your free consultation and connections to solar incentives today. Don’t let this opportunity slip away especially since Utility companies are fighting to reduce or eliminate Solar incentives for the future. You have nothing to lose except the extra stress your electric bill has been giving you.


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